Natcore Technology Makes First Commercial Offering With Turnkey Solar Manufacturing Program

Company establishes program to guide construction of

cell or panel fabrication facilities and power plants.

Red Bank, NJ — (November 12, 2014) — In response to numerous requests from potential customers, Natcore Technology (TSX-V: NXT; NTCXF.PK) has established a “best of breed” program through which it would design, supervise and build facilities to produce solar cells, solar panels and power plants that integrate the best equipment with the newest proven technology.

 Natcore would serve on these projects as a consultant or general contractor, hiring subcontractors and selecting the optimum components, prices and quality available. Under this arrangement, clients would benefit from the experience of Natcore and its advisors with the major solar equipment manufacturers, and from potential preferential advantages with these manufacturers due to Natcore’s technology.

 Clients would also gain exclusive access, on a geographical basis, to Natcore’s newest technologies – including black silicon, laser-processing and rear contact technology – as they come on line.

 “We call it ‘best of breed’ because we will select the best equipment and the best technology in any given category,” says Chuck Provini, Natcore’s president and CEO. “If, for example, a laser is needed in a cell fab, we have the experience to select the laser that best meets the client’s needs. If we’re building a module factory or a power plant, we’ll select, integrate and optimize the most appropriate equipment and components from a variety of producers. Because we are not manufacturers, we have no bias as to which cells, panels or manufacturing equipment to buy. 

 “We will take advantage of our status and experience to get the best available price, quality and efficiency. Our relationships are worldwide so we would not be restricted to any geographical regions. Our work will carry warranties.”

 The projects acquired through this program will be managed by Natcore’s advisory board, which is headed by Dr. Daniele Margadonna. He has vast experience in designing and building turnkey solar fabrication facilities.

 One of the most renowned solar scientists in Europe, Dr. Margadonna was Chief Technology Officer of MX Group, the holding company of an Italian group with international exposure in the solar photovoltaic industry. During his career, he has planned and/or built PV plants in Italy, Romania, Namibia, Norway, India, Switzerland and Sweden.

 “We anticipate that clients acquired through this program will also become future customers for new technology licenses and chemical sales,” says Provini. To market its program, Natcore has already established a network of agents in South Africa, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, Singapore and Angola.

 “Because our turnkey projects will be overseen by Dr. Margadonna, they will not distract from the R&D ongoing in our Rochester labs,” says Provini. “We’re open for business.”

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