Best of Breed

Through our “Best of Breed” program, Natcore Technology functions as a consultant on the design and construction of solar cell/solar panel fabrication facilities and solar farms. This capability was developed in response to requests from entities that wanted access to our advances in solar technology.

Natcore’s Best of Breed program offers several assets to our clients:

  • First and foremost is our technology, which is is sharply focused on developing high-efficiency solar cells at low cost.
  • Because of that leading-edge technology, many cell and module manufacturers will give us preferential treatment in order to have access to our applications as they become available commercially.
  • We have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy, Europe’s largest research institution, under which Fraunhofer and Natcore would cooperate in developing solar energy projects for third party customers.
  • Our relationships are worldwide, so we would not be restricted to certain geographical regions.
  • Our Advisory Board includes members with vast experience in designing and building turnkey solar farms and in photovoltaics and renewable energy research.
  • Since Natcore is not itself a manufacturer, it is able to buy components or employ vendors without bias. Thus, Natcore will have the freedom to provide optimum products with appropriate warranties and efficiencies.

Natcore would serve on these projects as a consultant or general contractor, hiring subcontractors and vetting every component of the project. We will take advantage of our status and know-how to get the best available price, quality and efficiency.

Clients would also gain exclusive access, on a geographical basis, to Natcore’s newest technologies, including black silicon, laser-processing and rear contact technology. We will afford some type of exclusivity as our different technologies come on line.


Placencia peninsula, Belize (looking west). Natcore has been engaged to oversee development of a 10 MW power system on a site across the lagoon from the peninsula.


Through the Best of Breed program, we’ve been engaged to oversee development of a 10MW power system in Belize in conjunction with Catalyst565, Inc., a globally oriented and regionally diversified energy development company.

The 90-acre solar power installation will be located in Placencia, a small town and a significant tourism destination located in Belize. Catalyst565 will capitalize pre-development expenses and will bring together the key partners needed for this project, with Natcore serving as the technology partner and advisor.

While this solar power project will provide important commercial revenue to Natcore, it will not distract from the company’s primary mission of bringing paradigm-shifting solar technology to the industry.