Solar Overview

Making Solar Energy Economically Viable

Most people believe that it would take rich government subsidies to make solar energy cost-competitive with energy derived from fossil fuels. They believe it’s going to be that way for many years to come.

We think they’ll be proven wrong.

That’s because we’ve developed remarkable new technologies that can completely change the way solar cells are manufactured.

We’re using a proprietary laser technology to create the Natcore Foil Cell™, the first laser-processed, all-low-temperature solar cell using an aluminum foil laminate to realize an all-back-contact system.

In doing so, we’ve replaced high-cost silver with low-cost aluminum.

We’re also using black silicon technology to optimize low solar cell reflectance. We’ve eliminated the traditional thermal vacuum processes such as CVD and PECVD for making anti-reflective coatings, and we’ve eliminated the use of gold as a catalyst in etching silicon wafers.

The solar cell of tomorrow is already in our laboratory today. We are engineering a cell of higher quality and higher efficiency. It will be cleaner and less expensive than conventional solar cells.