President’s Message


We’ve received several questions with respect to how the Trump tariff on Chinese solar panels will affect the industry in general and Natcore in particular. There are still many variables that are not known with respect to the tariff, but here are some of my thoughts on the issue.

There are very few U.S. solar cell manufacturers.  They do not have nearly the capacity that is needed for solar growth in the United States. There’s an axiom in physics that also applies to business: When a vacuum is created, it will always be filled. The vacuum in this case, potential lack of panel capacity from China, will be filled from somewhere. Manufacturers from other countries will certainly appear. At Natcore, we have already seen several large traditional energy companies looking to create manufacturing companies for cells and panels.

The entry by large companies into the solar manufacturing universe is a good thing for Natcore. They are not burdened with manufacturing lines that were built years ago and have old or marginal technology. These new entrants to the industry will search out not only what exists today, but also evaluate the direction in which the industry is moving to truly maximize efficiencies and cost reduction. This search will undoubtedly lead to the Natcore Foil Cell™.

I feel this puts our Foil Cell in a premier position, especially when these companies take the time to dig into the true benefits. We have had several visits from such companies. All of them have been encouraging. All of them have reinforced my confidence in our foil cell and how it will have a major impact in the near future on solar manufacturing.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Chuck Provini, President, CEO & Director