Natcore Technology Inc. Begins New Research Program at Ohio State University

RED BANK, NJ –¬†October 26, 2009 –¬†Natcore Technology Inc. has begun a collaborative project with Ohio State University’s Wright Center for Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization (PVIC) to further refine the Natcore’s Liquid Phase Deposition (LPD) technology.The project, being contracted through NewCyte, Inc., a member of PVIC, is designed to develop the film growth parameters necessary to integrate Natcore’s proprietary antireflective (AR) coating technology into current state-of-the-art silicon solar cell processing lines.

A first step toward that goal is to fully characterize the optoelectronic and thermomechanical properties of Natcore’s AR coating. The project will determine optimum AR coating layer thickness and performance using industry-standard computer models, and will verify the predictions with measured data. The outcome from this work will guide the development of process controls for production system operations on the factory floor.

The Wright Center for PVIC consists of a world-class technology platform using second- and third-generation photovoltaic materials tailored primarily for applications in clean electricity generation. PVIC’s goal is to accelerate the photovoltaic industry by reducing solar costs, improving technologies and transferring these new techniques from the lab to the production line.

While accomplishing key goals in Natcore’s internal research and development plans, this collaborative project will also provide important technical data requested by potential joint venture partners.

“Previous work in an independent laboratory refined our LPD process and provided key baseline data,” says Chuck Provini, president and CEO of Natcore. “Our research project at Ohio State will provide the final technical data being requested by groups now conducting due diligence on our process. In short, this will be an important milestone toward our goal of bringing our scientific achievements to the factory floor.”

Brien Lundin, Natcore’s chairman, notes that “This program is an important real-world complement to the blue-sky research on quantum-dot tandem solar cells now being conducted in Professor Andrew Barron’s laboratory, through our sponsored research program with Rice University. We remain committed to advancing our technology on all fronts.”


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