Natcore Technology Becomes Case Study At Harvard Business School

Red Bank, N.J. — (March 21, 2012) —Natcore Technology Inc. (TSX-V; NXT; NTCXF.PK), the solar technology company with a joint venture in Zhuzhou City, China, and with ongoing discussions with other Chinese manufacturers, has become the subject of a case study at Harvard Business School.Designed for the course “Doing Business in China,” the case is intended to facilitate class study around joint venture investment in China and comparative industrial policy, particularly in the clean tech area. The course is taught by Dr. Regina M. Abrami, Senior Fellow, Asian Business and Globalization.Named “Journey to the East: Natcore Technology in China,” the case provides a comprehensive examination of Natcore’s joint venture and how it came into existence. The topics included Natcore’s history and technology; Natcore’s decision to finance their growth without the use of venture capitalists; China’s energy statistics; major differences in industrial policies of the U.S. and China; and how Natcore is protecting its intellectual property.

The case was developed by Dr. Abrami and was based on a series of interviews with Natcore President/CEO Chuck Provini. It was first presented by Dr. Abrami to Harvard students on February 9, with Mr. Provini in attendance. At that class, Dr. Abrami led the case discussion and then turned the floor over to Mr. Provini to reflect on student comments and to answer questions.

“As I expected, I met exceptional students.” says Natcore President/CEO Chuck Provini. “This class could be a valuable source of future Natcore executives.” “We were grateful to have an opportunity to study this important venture in one of China’s fastest growing sectors,” says Dr. Abrami.

The Natcore case study should be available soon at


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