Natcore Technology Appoints Prominent Italian Solar Scientist to Head New Advisory Board

Red Bank, NJ — (January 18, 2013) — Dr. Daniele Margadonna, Chief Technology Officer of MX Group SpA, has been selected to chair a new advisory board being formed by Natcore Technology Inc. (TSX-V: NXT; NTCXF.PK). The appointment is effective immediately.

Headquartered in Villasanta, near Milan, MX Holding is the holding company of an Italian group with international exposure in the solar photovoltaic industry. MX Holding has extensive experience in the planning and construction of turnkey photovoltaic plants. In 2010, the group registered sales of 155 million.

Dr. Margadonna is one of the most renowned solar scientists in Europe. He is particularly expert in three key areas that are of special interest to Natcore:

• Selective emitter concept, a process for putting front contacts on a solar cell that could improve its efficiency up to 2.0%.

• Back side passivation, the process of filling dangling atomic bonds on the rear surface of solar cells and reducing the number of defects that always exist in the upper region of the cell body. It is critical to enabling production of long-term, high-performance silicon solar cells.

• Epitaxial growth, a new technology for the production of wafers with reusable silicon substrates.

“The solar industry needs these technologies in order to lower costs and improve efficiencies,” says Chuck Provini, Natcore’s president and CEO. “With Dr. Margadonna on board, we plan to hire additional teams of scientists to further develop each of them.”

“We came to know and respect Dr. Margadonna in 2011, when we discussed a joint venture agreement with MX Solar,” says Provini. “Now we’re beginning to lay groundwork for our marketing efforts in Europe, and we realize that Daniele’s vast experience, his contacts in Europe’s leading solar countries, and his insights into commercialization would be invaluable to us. We are elated that he has agreed to join us.”

“This is a dream opportunity for a solar scientist,” says Dr. Margadonna. “I enjoy working with Dr. Dennis Flood [Natcore’s Chief Technology Officer]. I’m excited about having access to Natcore’s intellectual property. And the prospect of working on black silicon under Natcore’s license with the
National Renewable Energy Laboratory is exhilarating.”

Dr. Margadonna earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Chemistry at University of Rome, where he also completed doctorate and postgraduate studies in Radiochemistry. Following R&D positions at the Italian National Research Council, ENI Groupe, and Eurosolare, he established E.T.AE, a consulting company focused on photovoltaic technologies. At E.T.AE, he fulfilled consultancy contracts for companies in Italy, Namibia, Norway, India, Switzerland, and Sweden

Dr. Margadonna has received the Philip Morris Prize for Scientific and Technological Innovation. He is author or co-author of more than 40 scientific publications and six patents in the PV sector.

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