Natcore Achieves Key Milestone in Initial Testing at Ohio State University

RED BANK, NJ – December 18, 2009 – Natcore Technology Inc. (TSX-V: NXT) has produced successful initial testing results from the company’s liquid phase deposition (LPD) research and development program being conducted in the facilities of Ohio State University.Specifically, Natcore Technology researchers working at Ohio State University have demonstrated that Natcore’s room temperature; LPD silicon dioxide antireflection (AR) coating is the complete equivalent of the elevated-temperature CVD coatings used by the industry today. Importantly, however, the Natcore process produces the coatings at a significant reduction in cost.

Natcore’s scientists used the Company’s process to deposit a single-layer AR coating with a reflectance minimum of less than 8% for wavelengths of light in the range of values that maximize the output of a standard silicon solar cell. This performance equals or exceeds industry-standard single-layer AR coating performance for this material.

“We hit the target on what is essentially our first try in the program at Ohio State,” notes Chuck Provini, Natcore’s president and CEO. “We’ve already achieved industry standard levels for anti-reflectance, and we fully expect to significantly improve the results with further refinement of our LPD process in the near future. Moreover, these results provide the final testing data needed for potential joint-venture partners, and we intend to proceed aggressively along this front.”

Brien Lundin, Natcore’s Chairman, adds that “It is particularly gratifying that this R&D program is being conducted with personnel and facilities previously employed by NewCyte, Inc. Natcore’s acquisition of NewCyte is thus providing early dividends, and we’re excited about continuing to leverage these assets to more-rapidly advance our technology.”


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