David Levy Joins Natcore Technology As Director of Research & Technology

Red Bank, NJ — (September 6, 2012) — Dr. David H. Levy, the recipient of a PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT who invented the atmospheric Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition process (SALD), has joined Natcore Technology Inc. (TSX-V: NXT; NTCXF.PK) as Director of Research & Technology.Dr. Levy brings 20 years of industrial R&D experience with vapor/vacuum coating, nanoparticle synthesis and dispersions, liquid coating, circuits and electronic devices to Natcore, a company that uses its liquid phase deposition (LPD) technology to grow antireflective coatings on silicon wafers for the purpose of creating solar cells.While working with air-free synthesis of nanoparticles, Dr. Levy also gained familiarity with quantum dot systems. The ability to create a three dimensional matrix of quantum dots is a critical step toward the formation of a fully functioning tandem cell, a principal goal of Natcore scientists. These cells could achieve twice the power output of today’s most efficient solar cells.

Dr. Levy’s initial technical efforts at Natcore will be focused on two programs: The optimization of their “Absolute Black” technology for coating solar cells, and the completion of a fully automated version of their AR-Box that can utilize that technology. “Absolute Black” refers Natcore’s technology that enables a solar cell to absorb 99.7% of the light that reaches it, thereby producing significantly more energy on a daily basis than will a panel made from cells using the industry standard antireflective coating. AR-Box is Natcore’s tool that uses their exclusive LPD process to grow antireflective coatings on silicon wafers.

Dr. Levy invented the SALD process while he was a Senior Research Scientist at Eastman Kodak. With primary applications in the semiconductor industry, SALD is now a recognized area of research in the atomic layer deposition community. Of the 64 patents that he has been granted, more than 25 are based on ALD technology. He is the author of six peer-reviewed journal articles, including four papers on ALD. He has been an invited presenter at meetings of the Materials Research Society and the American Vacuum Society.

Dr. Levy earned his BSE in Chemical Engineering in 1987 from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1992, he earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering, with a minor in Electrical Engineering, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He joined Kodak upon earning his PhD. A native of Dresher, PA, a Philadelphia suburb, and an alumnus of Upper Dublin High School, Dr. Levy lives in Rochester, NY. He will be based at Natcore’s R&D Center there.

“As our technology portfolio continues to grow, we need to augment our scientific and intellectual depth,” says Chuck Provini, Natcore’s president and CEO. “With his combined chemical engineering and electrical engineering background, David Levy is a perfect fit for us. He’s the first of several PhDs we plan to hire.”

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