AR-Box Installation at Kodak

Below is a link to a few pictures sent to us by Kodak that reflect the installation progress of Natcore’s AR-Box. The installation will be completed Wednesday and training of our personnel begins on Thursday. We will be fully operational on September 26th.

We will immediately begin to refine and optimize two of our most advanced applications, black silicon/passivation and reflection/refraction indexes for the antireflective coating of solar cells.

We feel the black silicon application could increase solar panel output by 10-15%, while the antireflective coating process will meaningfully reduce the current cost of the antireflective coating while also greatly reducing toxic waste.

Once we have had a chance to integrate our application into our new machine, we will be able to have actual solar cells made and test efficiency results, reflectance percentages and power outputs. We then can public actual results to potential customers. We have already received interest from potential customers for machines once we display the actual process. This is a very exciting time for Natcore and a quantum step towards commercialization.


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