President’s Message


If you believe the headlines following the election of Donald Trump, you might think that hard times are ahead for solar:

“Solar stocks hammered as sector expected to lose out in Trump administration,” said

“Trump will kill Clean Power Plan, solar ITC [Investment Tax Credit] next on chopping block, say finance experts,” headlined PV-Tech.

“A Trump presidency along with a Republican-led Congress poses ‘significant risks’ to a potential reduction/elimination of the federal tax credits for solar….” Said Angelo Zino, an analyst with CFRA Research.

As a friend of Natcore, you’ll be pleased to know that we disagree with those assessments. The reason: Technology.

While this outlook may be negative for some segments of the solar manufacturing industry, it’s actually a very positive development for a solar R&D company like Natcore.

At present, the federal government subsidizes the solar industry through two mechanisms: the solar ITC and funding for PV development through the Department of Energy.

But we have always believed that our industry must stand on its own, without subsidies. We have never favored subsidies for the solar industry.

With subsidies in place, solar manufacturers were under no pressure to innovate, because the subsidies helped keep solar costs at parity with energy from more traditional energy sources. But Natcore’s focus has always been to provide generational improvements in solar cell performance – significant increases in efficiencies and significant reduction in production costs.

Our position in the market, if these governmental incentives continue to dwindle, could not be more advantageous, since cell manufacturers will be forced to consider our technology and to adopt it once available.

We believe that the basic advantages of solar energy do not ebb and flow with the changing political climate. Solar energy is renewable. Clean. Reliable. Predictable. Available throughout the world. Silent.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Chuck Provini, President, CEO & Director