President’s Message



I have always believed that one of my most important functions as CEO is to translate English to English, especially when trying to bridge the language barrier that sometimes exists between science and business.

Natcore’s all-back-contact foil cell has received much attention, and even more so since it was presented at the IEEE Photovoltaic Conference in Washington, DC earlier this summer.  We feel that the key points driving that recent attention include the direct path we have to 25% efficiency, the reduced cost resulting from virtually eliminating silver from the manufacturing process, and the additional benefit of reducing the cell-to-module energy loss that occurs when cells are introduced into modules or solar panels.

The focus in our laboratory has always been to move the efficiencies to the mid-twenties and then approach manufacturers. The marketplace, however, is telling us that our current numbers are high enough to improve the financial viability of new projects and to move marginal projects into a position of economic viability that would not otherwise exist without our technology.  Translation: While we continue striving in the lab for efficiency numbers in the mid-twenties, project managers and manufacturers are ready for our technology NOW at current levels.

We have identified a well-known equipment manufacturing line that today produces a cell similar to the back-contact application.  We feel that by introducing this manufacturing line to potential partners, we could now provide some of the benefits of a back-contact technology without waiting for the even higher efficiency numbers that we are confident are within reach.   The integration of the Natcore Foil CellTM into this line would not be difficult to accomplish and would have the benefit of getting our technology into production much sooner.

Four major manufacturing companies have recently visited or have upcoming scheduled visits to our Rochester laboratory.   Each of them is looking to identify how Natcore’s technology interfaces with their business model.

Although our focus is no different than it has always been in achieving efficiencies in the mid-twenties, our immediate direction has been altered just a bit as a result of this more recent market interest and demand.  Once the right partner is identified, we will move our technology into the manufacturing phase, with the result that Natcore’s technology will be incorporated into solar panels, as well as existing (and future) Best of Breed projects.

I am confident that my translation of English to English is correct.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Chuck Provini, President, CEO & Director