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We at Natcore work hard to communicate to our shareholders the progress we are achieving with our technology. We believe that we’ve earned a reputation of doing so.

Because of that reputation, some shareholders have asked why they haven’t heard much from us lately.

I want to assure you that our recent relative silence does not imply a lack of progress or achievement. On the contrary, our temporary silence is a result of successes and how we are working to deal with them. These successes are now starting to emerge….

We don’t make solar cells. But our solar technology will change the world.

We’re Natcore Technology. Even though we don’t make solar cells, we control technology that promises to make solar energy cost-competitive with energy derived from fossil fuels.

To reach that goal, we must double the efficiency of solar cells and/or halve their cost. Our technology promises to do both.

So we’re changing how solar cells are made. We have gathered the brightest scientific team in the solar industry; established exclusive licenses and/or joint research agreements with Rice University, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the University of Virginia; and received 18 patents (with 36 more pending).

Using our liquid phase deposition, black silicon, and laser technology, we grow a thin anti-reflective coating on a silicon disc without the need for toxic chemicals or a high-temperature vacuum furnace.

Although our technology can also have dramatic impact on semiconductors, optical components, eyewear, aerospace exploration, and architectural coatings, we have chosen to concentrate on solar energy. In that area, our scientists have made many breakthroughs, which you’ll discover as you explore this Web site.

Once our objective is at hand, we can turn our attention to generating revenue with license agreements, royalties, equipment sales, and chemical sales.

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